Food Is LOVE and I love food!

Now… That being said, I have had an interesting relationship with food. Probably most people would say that, But I think…I Really Have. I have been around the block with food and I truly appreciate GOOD food, and YES, I have truly made friends with food! What do I mean by GOOD? I mean healthy, TASTY, Soul enriching , LOVE spreading DANG YUMMY FOOD!!  That’s what I am talking about!

I’m also interested in food that can be prepared in a time efficient manner. Slow cookers are a fabulous invention in my opinion. I love quick and super tasty food. I don’t have an issue with using shortcut things in recipes as long as you can’t tell. I’m talking about a can of cream of mushroom soup or jarred marinara (If it’s good and has no sugar in it) If the final outcome is great and no one can tell and it saved you 2 hours of prep and cooking… who cares??

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE FAN of Costco! They taste test all their food before it reaches their shelves. Which is why their awesome rate is so high.  I will recommend a lot of ingredients from there because of cost effectiveness and high quality standards. Rare to get both these days! If you live in the Seattle area I plan on giving current tips on Costco products. Fabulous “get em quick or they will be gone soon” items.

I grew up in a food loving family and BOTH my parents were great cooks and we made almost all our food from scratch. I mean scratch!  We hunted, fished, raised, grew, canned, froze, pickled, and preserved almost everything!  I remember imploring my Dad to let us buy store bought Mayonnaise. Funny, now I appreciate how much effort that all took!

I am excited to share my random food creations, tips and tricks that I have been sharing with my circle of friends and clients for years and hope that it provides some use as well as entertainment. If nothing else, may it stir your soul to create something loving for your family to consume. Food made with LOVE… JUST TASTES BETTER!!

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  1. Annmrie says:

    LOVE IT!!!!


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