Some food is a celebration!

Saskatoon Pie from berries picked by my mom and brought down from Canada.. They are called Service Berries here and pretty much no one knows what they are. They make the holy grail of pies in my opinion!

I want to clarify that even though I mainly eat very healthy food , I do often cook what I think of as “celebration food “. My husband is half french so he is very taste oriented about food and won’t abide eating anything that is just “good for you” .. I, on the other hand have learned to expand my world…. things that aren’t always pleasant at first but later become favorites. Acquired taste if you will!  Chris… not so much..

I want to add some photos today of some celebratory foods that I created recently and will give a brief overview of each. I took the photos because I truly thought .. FOOD PORN!

This is truly one of our favorites.. DUCK CONFIT. I did actually acquire this from Costco. They stocked it for Christmas and I was amazed that it was there .. Roasted organic fingerling rosemary potatoes and truffled green beans round out this meal.

This Duck is not like any Duck you have had, just in case you had a bad duck experience in the past as many people have.  Its not gamey or tough. Even tho Confit means it has been cooked in it’s own fat , it is not greasy, It mostly gets all rendered out and leaves rich and very tender amazing meat.  The potatoes and green beans are classic french side dishes with this and truffle salt with the butter on the green beans really sets it off.  I par boil the potatoes before I roast them and I use Avocado Oil for all high heat cooking , (Costco $10)  That way the potatoes don’t get too dry in the roasting process.. just a little salt and rosemary..and 400 degrees for about 20-30 minutes, depending on their size.   The Duck is just heated up in the same 400 deg oven and then under the broiler for the last 5 minutes or so to crisp the skin..  Amazing!  there are 4 legs in the Duck package so it’s a beautiful meal for 4 at less than the cost for one in a restaurant.

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