Favorite Staples…

I am pretty sure not a day goes by that I don’t use one or both of these..

Avocado Oil is a fabulous,healthy high heat oil (500 deg).. Unlike Olive Oil that changes chemically when it gets too hot, Avocado Oil does not. It also has little to no flavor so, unlike Coconut Oil it will not cloud the flavor of your dish. I love Coconut but I don’t want everything I cook to taste like Hawaii!!  This is a great brand  $10  Costco. (Waaaay  cheaper than anywhere else. ) It also comes in a spray for your grill in the summer.

Montreal Steak Seasoning is a great time saver. It is essentially Salt, Pepper and Garlic powder coarsely ground. Which pretty much goes in all savory foods. It’s also a great rub for Meat just straight out of the shaker.

Another favorite is what I call “rooster sauce” Aka Sriracha. I use this making many things when I want to add heat but don’t want to deal with cayenne (hot ..no flavor) or peppers (jalapenos etc) .. I can control the heat level easily and it’s super quick.

Costco Kirkland Marinara is GREAT. NO SUGAR.. which is a huge difference in Red Sauces.  The price point on this is crazy good and you can then doll it up with anything you want. I like Ground Bison and mushrooms and the pitted Kalamata Olives add a little heat and boil some noodles and you are ready to go!  (All of the above available at Costco as well. )

I often work late and try and make a great home cooked meal in about 30-40 minutes. With a little ingenuity and a few shortcuts it is less daunting and we hardly ever capitulate and order Pizza…except during Football season!!! 🙂






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