Picnic Pan-Fried Chicken

fried chicken finished

I like to use all drumsticks for this recipe. I am a dark meat fan but you can do a whole chicken cut up as well if you like white meat too.

Get a medium sized sturdy paper bag and add about a cup of flour to it a few good shakes of the Montreal steak seasoning and some extra garlic powder and salt to the flour and combine.

Add the chicken pieces  about six at a time and shake to coat with flour mixture.

In the meantime, Get your best heavy bottom large skillet out and have it heating up to med -high heat with about 1/4″ of Avocado oil in it. Don’t let it smoke.. turn down if it does.

Place the chicken pieces in the hot skillet and re-season with salt, pepper and garlic powder. (don’t use garlic salt…too salty!) You will need more salt that you might think. Turn pieces and re-season again with salt and pepper.

Keep turning and adjust heat as necessary until golden brown all over.

Reduce heat to very low  (2 on my stove) and place a lid over the chicken slightly tilted to let some steam escape but still trap the heat in.

Let it simmer for at least an hour, maybe 70 minutes, turning the pieces occasionally. They should be looking very tender and golden brown by the end of the cooking time.

Remove from pan and drain on platter with paper towels.

This chicken is great hot.  But FANTASTIC COLD!

Enjoy!  Happy Summer!

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  1. Billy Burns says:

    Awesome, good memories of this delicious dish.


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